Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Daily...Day 8!

Well it's the end of another day and I am exhausted. I guess I shouldn't have stayed up late scrapping last night!
Well today I had good intentions of getting my Christmas present shopping started, but despite leaving the boys with Mum and racing off to MYER ...I only ended up buying 3 presents all day! MYER had run out of the basketball hoop I wanted and it was just too busy and I had to pick Mischka up from the doggy groomers and Mum had to go out..so anyway it just didn't happen today.
I got a photo of Kalan with chocolate all over him but no Christmas photos...he looked very cute though!
I just made a Christmas card too! It started as a LO but I decided to turn it into a card when I was nearly finished. Love Lily's kits! And I used MK-Designs new kit too.
Tomorrow evening the girls have their Christmas concert so that should be good!
Oh and last night at bedtime Steven told us he wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas (we've been playing the song!) so I asked him where we are going to keep it. And he replies..."in a big jar". When i informed him that hippos are rather big he told me it could sleep on the spare bed instead! He was so upset when I said he couldn't have one! lol
good night :)

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sunnie2004 said...

Gorgeous christmas card Eryn!! Love it!!