Wednesday, April 25, 2012

End of the holidays

So school goes back tomorrow after 3 weeks off, and surprisingly, I am still sane!
Usually after the usual 2 week break I am so ready for them to go back, but this time all is good.
Of course they have definitely had their moments! It's certainly not all sunshine and roses here!

So what did we do these holidays...riding bikes and blades down the park, learning to BMX, movies with Nanna, Kings Park with Aunty Tania and Uncle Ray, Hillarys with Grandma, Hannah's birthday party, walking along the beach, playground, pools,  Easter activities and board game night and probably some other stuff.

They also watched a heap of movies and played Wii. lol
And Mathew won a golf competition. :)

All four are now asleep ready for an early morning and back to the usual chaotic school runs.
Oh and then Kalan's birthday on Saturday! yay
Have a nice day :)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Who Blogs any more?

Certainly not me...but then I was never a good blogger. Ever.
But this morning I have been reminiscing.
I was searching for an old QP that I'd made and ended up reading through old posts, and comments and there were even tears a couple of times!
So I was inspired to post again, be it ever so short, sweet and probably pointless.

So where have all the good bloggers gone? I know there are still some out there. The ones making money from it, or trying to. I have my favs that I like to check out regularly.
But the regular people that I used to check up on sometimes. The ones I like to call friends...even though we may not have met in real life.
Why aren't they blogging anymore? Well not as much as they were at least.
I'm going to assume it's FaceBook. It really is easier than blogging, and you can check on all your friends at the same time rather than chasing around to their blogs, and it's cool and there are games and stuff.

But I just don't like it. It moves too quickly, so if I do want to catch up on sombody's news then I still have to chase them up and attempt to decipher their timeline.
And while I'm on there I have to hear about how somebody had this for breakfast, and then that for lunch, and then they went to the shops and their kids did this cute thing and somebody else wants this furniture and somebody is bored at work and this person had a fight with somebody else (the fight may even be on FB which is funny) and then person A had to go the bathroom and friend 3 got a tattoo and it's just too much information.
Is it just me that does NOT want everybody on earth knowing what I had for breakfast and where I'm going next?
Yeh I know I don't have to write that sort of stuff on there. And so I don't. But there is so much crap on FB that I don't particularly want to go there to catch up with my friends either.
The only good thing about FB as far as I'm concerned is the chat feature. It is nice to be able to chat with people that aren't in my other contact lists. But I don't do it very often.

And so I will have my little whinge on my blog. Where nobody will see it and so they won't get annoyed with me for dishing facebook. lol

Wow. How did this reminiscing post turn into FB bashing? It wasn't meant to and is certainly not short and sweet anymore. But although I was never really into blogging, I guess I miss it.
Maybe I will start up again :

Have a nice day.