Friday, February 19, 2010

New stuff at The LilyPad and TDC!

There are so many yummy new goodies at The LilyPad today!
This stuff is so gorgeous and I am so thankful to be allowed to play with it!
Here are my pages!

And new from ViVa Artistry is this gorgeous kit 'Princess Tomboy'!!
I just love how every kit ViVa makes has so much unique stuff and this one is no exception!

And my page...

And thank you Jimena for the GSOs! mwah!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Please vote for me!!

One of my Los was chosen for the Log Your Memory Yearbook that will be published early next year!!
And now it is time to vote for the featured LO for January!
If you would like to vote for me you will need to
register at Log Your Memory...
but I would love you forever and ever!
This is my page that was chosen!
Thank you!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Charity Collab at Scrap Artist

New at Scrap Artist!!
The beautiful collaboration 'Destiny' and join in the freebie blogtrain!!

Once upon a time there was a very happy couple. They had not a fairy-tale life, one of their four children being too soon diagnosed with a fatal, progressive disease SMA (spinal muscular atrophy), confining her to a wheelchair at age 2 and to constant care (exercise, lifting, positioning in sleep, even sitting, as she is like a rag-doll, limp but lively and bright). It was hard but they had each other to share their fears and hopes, the work and care, the constant love they had for each other. And then the Fate struck again - her innocent husband was killed in a traffic accident. She stayed alone to face and fight her Destiny ...

We, her virtual friends, decided to help her, if not by offering our distant hands, then at least by offering our art to collect some money to patch the most urgent needs of her family, especially the expensive sitting and moving aids for her lovely Klara.

Here is my page...

And here is my freebie QP!!

the next stop on the blog train is Lara's Digi World!
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

New from Jazzmin + FREEBIE!!

Jazzmin Designs and Joyce Paul Designs have teamed up to create an absolutely
stunning kit called My Love.
My page is about my friend Christina whom I haven't spoken to in years now. I miss her but every time I try to contact her I get no response. I miss you Christina and I hope you are happy. Congrats on your little one...mwah.

Anyway I loved my page so much I made it into a template.
Click the pic to download...have a nice day! :)


The death toll in Haiti has now passed 200000 and I urge you to make a donation if you possibly can. And if you haven't heard, there are a few gorgeous Haiti charity kits for sale in the digi community. The designers that contributed to these kits are so wonderful to donate their time and creativity and I'm sure you will love what they have created!

I made this page to remember all those lost in the disaster, but remember there are many more people still suffering right now.

Some Haiti charity kits:
One Love
Help Haiti Collaborative
Port Au Prince
Pretty Pink Please


How could I not mention my birthday pressie??
I got a 24" monitor from Mathew and the kids! Woohoo!!

It looks so good and scrapping is so much easier with it as so much more fits on the screen! lol

Oh and Donna and I have both finished our ADSR5 Challenge 1 LOs...I'm off to post on our blog! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

Happy Birthday to me!!
Happy birthday dear meeeeee!!
Happy Birthday to me!!

Okay enough silliness.
I had a great day today and a great day yesterday! Mathew and I stayed at the Vines resort overnight (he won it in a golf comp last year) and went out to dinner at a German restaurant and then I passed out at 6pm! lol Then this morning we had blueberries for breakfast, a coffee and muffin at a cafe, played supergolf and then lunch at Oscars restaurant.
Then home and had a lazy afternoon. Steven helped me make myself a cake while Mathew went to the driving range. Unfortunately the car burst a hose while he was out so he came home and fixed that rather than making dinner! Mum and Dave came around with my pressie ...a vacuum cleaner as mine died...and brought a huge watermelon with them so we had watermelon, then I cooked the kids some dinner and then chocolate rasberry cake! Then kids to bed, a chicken pie for dinner and more cake! lol And now to scrap! Happy Birthday me!!

Also today... ADSR5 starts!! I have to scrap a page about my partner mouse/Donna! She has already sent me a photo and blurb and now off to her gallery to scraplift one of her pages! I might do this tonight so I can't forget about it! lol

Friday, February 5, 2010


Wow where to start?!
Okay starting at The LilyPad...I love the BYOC's from The LilyPad and this month's is absolutely gorgeous! Each of the packs are 20% off at the moment so grab any you like and 'Build Your Own Collab'!

Here are my pages...the first is also for the Log Your Memory 'Sweet Talk Challenge no1'.

Next we are off to After 5 Designs and they have their huge monthly collab now available...'Feel The Love' and it is 50% off right now!

Next is Shabby Pickle as Fruitloop Sally is guesting this month! She has this gorgeous kit called 'Feels Like Heaven' for 20% off!

Shabby Pickle also have their store collab 'Love Story' available today at 50% off!!

Now to CatScrap and Fruitloop Sally has this gorgeous new kit out called 'My Funny Valentine'!
20% off !

New from Jazzmin Designs!!

Look at this gorgeous new kit Jazzmin has out!
Absolutely stunning and so easy to work with and it's 20% off still!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


The wish granting fairy (aka Julie aka mrs2a50) came to me yesterday
and granted my biggest scrapping wish...
to become a POLLY!!!!!!
OMG I am so excited!
So for anyone who doesn't know...a Polly or Pollywog is a
store creative team member for The LilyPad!
So I am now on the CT for The fav store!
OMG I am so excited!!
I made my first page last night and I can't wait to play more!
Thank you so much Julie!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New EMD kit + Freebies!!

Edeline has a new kit out this week...'I Believe' and I have a freebie QP available on her blog!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Join Me For Some Sweet Talking!

We’re kicking off a month-long challenge at one of my favorite sites today … the Sweet Talk Journaling Challenge at Log Your Memory!

I hope you’ll come on over and check it out today … there will be an entire month of scrapbooking challenges with a focus on “real life” journalling, plus the chance to earn points and prizes along the way! And if you’ve never visited before, you’re in for a treat! We have a wonderful group of friendly, helpful scrapbookers just waiting to say hello and show you around!

Get started by visiting the Log Your Memory Blog HERE and get ready to journal your way to becoming a Log Your Memory Sweet Talker!

(And tell them eryn sent you!)