Thursday, September 30, 2010

Scrap Your Freaking Heart Out!!!

OMG you all HAVE to join in this comp at The LilyPad!!
$1000 in prizes!!!
No evictions!!
Lots of love and support!!
It is going to be soooo much fun!!

See you there!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010


Wow I've been a bad blogger! I have so much new to blog about and athough it all deserves seperate posts, I'm going to have to lump it all together otherwise it will never get done!

okay so firstly I want to shout a huge thank you to my lovely, wonderful buddy caits!!
She surprised me with this gorgeous page and I was so happy!I still can't believe you made this caits! Thank you!!! mwah!!

Next up....I am guesting for Donna Duncombe Designs this month!!
Donna was my ADSR partner this year so when I saw her call I immediately jumped at the chance!! Donna is selling at Funky Playground Desings and is also participating in Designers Apprentice 2010!
Click the kits to go have a look!

okay just a little more!
ViVa Artistry has awesome new zodiac kits out!
I'm not into horoscopes at all, but while researching to dicvoer my kids signs(nope didn't know! lol) I discovered that they actually fit quite well!
Half of the zodiac is out this week and the other 6 kits will be out next week plus a bundle with everything in it!

I'm pretty sure I had more to blog about but as I can't remember what it was, I'll wrap it up! lol
Have a great day!