Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to everyone!
It's Boxing Day here and we are almost all packed for our camping trip tomorrow. We are gone for a week of relaxing with Mathew's family so hopefully it will be good.
I plan to catch up on heaps of journalling while I am separated from the internet so I should be all ready to jump back into the scrapping when I get back!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

NEW!!! Jazzmin Designs

I am so pleased to announce that Jazzmin Designs has opened at After 5 Designs
...and lucky me is on her CT!!

Check out these fabulous new kits that were released on Monday...

And my pages...

And thankyou Mom2Peanuts for the DST GSO for Recharge!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Daily...Day 22!

Merry Christmas!!
We just had an early Christmas with my family as we won't all be able to catch up again for a while. Mum brought round chinese and the kids opened heaps of presents!
And I got a 1TB EHD! Woohoo!! Thanks Mum and Dave!!

Also the kids and I made reindeer cookies today and attempted melted snowman cookies...but unfortunately I messed up the recipe and had no time (or eggs) to try again. And Santa sent each of the kids a video by email today! They all loved them but especially the boys. Steven was so happy he didn't know what to do with himself and kept playing with his cars rather than watching it! Kalan absolutely loved it! And after he'd been off playing for a while afterwards he came back and 'asked' to watch it again!

Yesterday the kids wrote their letters to Santa but we are yet to send them. Tomorrow we will hopefully get Santa photos so maybe the kids can just give him their letters. I already have replies printed off ready to 'send' to them!

Oh and last night Ruth came around to watch the kids while Mathew stayed back at work so i could finish the Christmas shopping. So now I'm all done and need to get wrapping!

OMG Christmas is coming up fast now!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Daily...Day 20!

ah bugger. Okay December Daily minus a week while sick.
I'm still sick and really can't be bothered writing this but I can't give up completely!
So to recap the last week, I've been sick, Alysha has been sick, Taylah, Steven and Mathew have had a bit of this cold too and now Kalan has the cough at night so he keeps waking all night long.
Alysha and Taylah had their class Christmas parties on Tuesday and their last day of school for the year on Thursday.
They made beautiful quilled presents for their teachers, and I made Christmas tree cake balls.
We went swimming yesterday and then off to Carols by Candlelight with a picnic only to discover that I got the day wrong! oops!
We still have so much Christmas stuff to get ready an we only started thinking about our camping trip on the 27th last night. So much to do.
Oh and I can't find my card reader for the camera so I can't upload any of the pics that I should have taken during the week! I hope I find it soon :(

Let's hope I get back here tomorrow!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Daily...Day 13!

Went to my brothers and SIL2B's house today for her 'High Tea'! OMG I cannot believe how much stuff she baked! It was absolutely ridiculous that one person could spend so much time baking so much stuff!
But it was fabulous! I wasn't going to go as I couldn't get a babysitter but my brother offered to look after them there so that was good. He made my other brother come and help him too...he wasn't very impressed!
And despite DS2 weeing on their beautiful wood floor, and DD2 spilling lemonade on the same floor, and DS1 having a major bowel problem on the playground (he was so upset and embarrassed but couldn't help it) it was all good! lol
Oh and then I was waiting for DH to call me to pick him up from his work weekend, but he thought I was just going to be there at at 5.30 I called to find out what's going on....oops.
Anyway now they are all in bed and I want to scrap but I might head to bed too. So tired.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

December Daily...Day 12!

oops I've been bad! I missed yesterdays post...though I was I haven't taken a single photo in about 3 we haven't done much Christmassy stuff.

In my defense I really haven't been feeling the best. But it's still not good enough.
I will try harder.

So today we put the advent calendars back on the wall and stuck the cotton balls back on that Kalan pulled off. I think that was it. Kalan was super cute this morning though, copying me sticking my tongue out! And I taught him his toes this morning, but so many times he still kept pointing to his nose! It took quite a while for him to work out that I was saying something different! I also did his fingers just after and he picked that one up easily. He still refuses to talk though but I'm not going to start worrying yet. I know he can say some words...he just doesn't want to!

Oh and he threw my mobile phone in the bath today! Luckily once I'd pulled it apart and dried it, it still worked! Was not happy. Especially as the doors and gates were meant to be closed so he couldn't get in the bathroom. Why can't kids keep doors/gates closed??

Oh and yesterday Alysha and Taylah wrote Christmas cards to their school friends. The first year I haven't had to help!! Woohoo!
Mathew is at Rottnest Island at the moment for his work Christmas 'weekend' ...lucky him. So please pray for my kids...they are driving me insane!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Daily...Day 10!

We just got back from Mum's place a little while ago as it is Dave's birthday tomorrow and we had a barbecue. Let's just say there were a few little dramas (usually rare in my family) so it was an interesting night!
Alysha and Taylah wrote out Christmas cards for their friends today, I made cake balls for Taylah's Christmas party next Tuesday, and we saw Christmas lights on the way home from Mum's tonight.
Mathew went shopping after work for some stuff for his Rottnest trip this weekend and tomorrow I have to go and get his snacks and sea sickness tablets!
Anyway I'm off to bed. See you tomorrow :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Daily...Day 9!

Just a quick one tonight as I am unbelievably tired!
Alysha and Taylah had their school Christmas Concert and they had so much fun!
Alysha sang Jingle Bells and Taylah sang 6 White Boomers.
Then we saw some lights on the way home.
It was a good night and now I'm off to bed.
good night :)

Oh!! And I forgot my camera!! I was so annoyed at myself! grrr

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Daily...Day 8!

Well it's the end of another day and I am exhausted. I guess I shouldn't have stayed up late scrapping last night!
Well today I had good intentions of getting my Christmas present shopping started, but despite leaving the boys with Mum and racing off to MYER ...I only ended up buying 3 presents all day! MYER had run out of the basketball hoop I wanted and it was just too busy and I had to pick Mischka up from the doggy groomers and Mum had to go anyway it just didn't happen today.
I got a photo of Kalan with chocolate all over him but no Christmas photos...he looked very cute though!
I just made a Christmas card too! It started as a LO but I decided to turn it into a card when I was nearly finished. Love Lily's kits! And I used MK-Designs new kit too.
Tomorrow evening the girls have their Christmas concert so that should be good!
Oh and last night at bedtime Steven told us he wanted a hippopotamus for Christmas (we've been playing the song!) so I asked him where we are going to keep it. And he replies..."in a big jar". When i informed him that hippos are rather big he told me it could sleep on the spare bed instead! He was so upset when I said he couldn't have one! lol
good night :)

Monday, December 7, 2009


I think it was about a week or so ago I bought some Lily Designs kits and said I would be back soon with a LO....well finally I made one!
I bought another Lily Designs kit...'9 Days' and used all 3 together. It all mixed and matched so well and I can't wait to play again!
So here is my page and thank you so much to Sasha/Mom2peanuts for the DST GSO!

December Daily...Day 7!

Ooooeeee!! I'm not doing so well with this December Daily thing!!
Oh we go...
Today we finally put up the Christmas tree!! Woohoo!
I put some music on and turned the TV off and everyone had a great time!
Steven was so cute as it was his first time that he could really help to decorate and the concentration on his face as he carefully opened each bauble's string was so gorgeous!
Kalan really didn't know what was going on but helped anyway!
Alysha and Taylah were both in their element! throwing tinsel at the tree, dancing around the room and basically achieving very little!
I took some 'Christmas hat' photos which I seem to do every year..but Kalan wouldn't cooperate so maybe tomorrow for him.
And then I got some video of the 3 older kids singing Jingle Bells! It was very 'cute'. lol

Now to recap yesterday ...I did absolutely nothing all day! Alysha and Taylah were with Grandma till around 5 but still got their Christmas fix because Grandma took them shopping to buy the rest of us presents! Yay for Grandma!
That's about it. I didn't do anything Christmassy yesterday, didn't take any photos...but did blog a little so I'm not going to get too upset at myself!
Anyway it is getting very late here and I finished another page so I'm off to bed. Have a great day/night. :)

Steven concentrating on opening a bauble string.

The 'beautifully' finished tree!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Log Your Memory Book, Challenge and FREEBIE!!

Hello! Log Your Memory has a new book out called List My Life!
It is a book of 100 lists to get you thinking and journalling about your life.
A fantastic resource for scrappers and also heaps of fun to look back at in the future!

And to celebrate it's release we have a new challenge at Log Your Memory!
The 'Year-End 100 Things Challenge'!

Here is my page...

And now the freebie!!
I turned my page into a template for you! It has 37 photo spaces with shadows!

And if that isn't enough room to document your busy 2009..
I also turned it into a double page template with 70 photo spaces!

Feel free to change it up to fit your needs!
Click one of the pics to download and I'd love to read your comments :)

ETA: Thank you Chengie for the DST GSO!!

December Daily...Day 6!

oops I'm getting behind! But I couldn't get back on here last night as we were at a party so I forgive myself. Still have photos to upload for 4 days though! lol

so went to the pools and Kalan impressed me! At 19 months he can't talk at all, but he managed to 'tell' me that he needed to do wees and we went out, put his nappy on and when he finished we put his bathers back on and got back in the pool. I think it's time to start toilet training!
Then we went to Andy's 30th last night and the girls stayed with Grandma and are not back yet. The boys both woke at 6 and I somehow managed to get them back to sleep and then Steven woke at 9 and Kalan at 10! OMG! A sleep in till 9...that hasn't happened for years!
Shame Mathew had to go to golf at 5am! lol
So now we are vegging. Steven has just started watching Cars and Kalan is playing and I am doing absolutely nothing. :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Daily...Day 5!

Whoops...I never did get back here last night. I was too busy scrapping!
So to catch up:
the kids finished their angels and we put up the advent calendars (finally) and stuck the cotton balls on and Kalan has pulled them all off a few times already so I need to put them up higher and Steven was so proud of himself for singing Jingle Bells while in the toilet! I think that's the extent of our Christmassy stuff yesterday...and on to day 5...

I feel like Scrooge today. May be due to the lack of sleep due to the late night due to the scrapping obsession I have!
So although I was planning to put the tree up today, it's not going to happen now. For one thing it's too hot and I'm too tired and DH has gone to golf and then we are going to the pools and then we are going to Andy's 30th birthday party. So the tree can wait. Also putting up the tree means I have to vacuum first...and I don't like to vacuum.
I did sort out one of the cupboards under the TV this morning though and found my Spirit of Christmas CD that has been lost forever! Love this CD so it's going in the car today! :)
I guess I better find a Christmas activity for the kids to do seeing how we aren't doing the tree now.

Friday, December 4, 2009

December Daily...Day 4!

Well day 4 is here and almost gone. I have a pork roast in the oven (yuck) but can't be bothered with the veggies so we will just be having sandwiches!
At the moment all 4 kids are happy colouring in Paper Plate Angels and if you have little kids you really should try them! So easy and clever!
And in case I haven't mentioned it already (lol) I made my new blog design today and I love it!! So cute!
I need to go finish the dishes now so I'll be back later tonight with pics. :)

New look!

Like my new blog look?
It's all from the new kit by ViVa Artistry 'Natal'!!
And it's still on sale! Click the pic!

Header font 'Smitten Kitten' by

My second favourite Christmas song!

Michael Buble - My grown up Christmas list
Vezi mai multe video din Muzica

Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Daily...Day 3!

Hello! :) Day 3 of December and I am already getting slack!
I just couldn't be bothered today after a few bad nights with DS and staying up to scrap late last night.
So all I can say about today is that we sang Christmas songs in the car on the way home from school! I started teaching Steven Jingle Bells...he's so cute!!
I actually asked him if I could sing Christmas Carols and he said NO...because he doesn't like them (apparently). So I tried a couple and he didn't like them , but then got to Jingle Bells and he loved it! So the 3 older kids and I were all singing Jingle Bells together for a while and then I put on a Christmas CD.
And that's it.
I did take a couple of photos of the kids this evening just so that I wouldn't miss a day but they are nothing special!

Tomorrow I will do better...I promise!
Oh and I just realised we didn't even do the countdown calendars yet! oops!
The cotton balls are still sealed up! lol

Do you hear what I hear

Today's question for the December Challenge at Log Your Memory is "What is your favorite holiday song?" This one is mine. 'Do you hear what I hear?' sung by Delta Goodrem. When Mathew and I were shopping with our 2 baby girls at Christmas time 2002, there was a charity CD 'Spirit of Christmas' at MYER and we bought it as our first Christmas CD. This song was my favourite from that CD which I have now lost so I was so happy to find this song on YouTube!

Log Your Memory FREEBIE!!

Log Your Memory has a fabulous little freebie available for you!
The Logbook 2009 Holiday Gift Pack includes all of the following:
• Holiday Planner
• Holiday Events Tracker
• Wish Lists (2 pages)
• Gift Planner
• Gifts Received
• Party Planner & Shopping List
• December Daily To-Do List
• Christmas Dinner Planner & Shopping List
• Season's Greetings Card/Letter Tracker (2 pages)

If you need to get organised this December then make sure you grab this download quick!


if you head on over to the forum we have a Daily December challenge going on!
Just answer the daily questions and for each one you answer on the day, you will get an entry into the draw to win a $50 gift voucher to the store!
And at the end of the month you will have so much Christmas journalling all ready for scrapping!

Check out the blog for more info.

GSO Blog! OMG!

OMG it has been my goal to get on this blog for so long now...and I finally did it!!

The GSO (gallery stand outs) blog picks 8 LOs daily from all over the net and today one of them was mine!!
I told DH and then showed him my page and he says..."is that it? It's all white." Men...LOL!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A funny for today!

Inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out,
but this can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake.

from HERE

December Daily...Day 2!

hmmm...well I have the kids home from school today. Partly because the car stalled on me yesterday so DH took it to work and partly because Kalan was absolutely disgusting last night and I slept in!
So yes we should be doing something Christmassy but I really don't feel well. I think I have become allergic to milk or something similar is wrong and it is really messing me up.
But while I am resting I am going to look for more Christmas activites! BRB :)

Okay today was a good day other than feeling yuck this morning.
I baked muffins with the kids but instead of getting frustrated with 3 kids in the kitchen fighting over what they are doing, we made 3 batches of muffins - 1 for each kid.
It worked much better too! They did everything themselves with some help depending on age, we had no arguments and heaps of muffins at the end! lol

Then the kids coloured in their countdown calendars with Nanna's special silky crayons. But I still need to find some cotton balls so we haven't started counting down yet.

And we went for a walk. For the first time ever I took Kalan with his leash instead of the pram/trike. He loved it and we went a fair way too and he was fine. It was just a little slow going at times...especially when he would sit or even lay down to look at something!

Will upload a pic soon :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Daily...Day 1!

So day one of my December Daily...and I had high hopes for getting the kids to colour their advent calendars but it just didn't happen! I did get them printed, but we went to Mum's for a spa and then she gave them a Fred Astair movie (yes a little weird but the girls wanted to watch him dance!) and then it was bed time!
So far not so good. But we talked about Christmas and the advent calendars so I am thinking that's good enough!
Tomorrow we will do the calendars for sure...actually they are countdown calendars...stick a cotton ball on Santa's beard each day and watch it grow! lol
And I did get pics...and I am blogging so I am going to count this day as successful anyway. :)

Oh and as a side note...I got my Memory log Book today!!! Woohoo!!
I can't believe it only took 12 days to get from the states to here!
But I don't want to ruin it by writing in it! lol