Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Daily...Day 13!

Went to my brothers and SIL2B's house today for her 'High Tea'! OMG I cannot believe how much stuff she baked! It was absolutely ridiculous that one person could spend so much time baking so much stuff!
But it was fabulous! I wasn't going to go as I couldn't get a babysitter but my brother offered to look after them there so that was good. He made my other brother come and help him too...he wasn't very impressed!
And despite DS2 weeing on their beautiful wood floor, and DD2 spilling lemonade on the same floor, and DS1 having a major bowel problem on the playground (he was so upset and embarrassed but couldn't help it) it was all good! lol
Oh and then I was waiting for DH to call me to pick him up from his work weekend, but he thought I was just going to be there at at 5.30 I called to find out what's going on....oops.
Anyway now they are all in bed and I want to scrap but I might head to bed too. So tired.


Dawn said...

I think you are doing petty good with your December Daily. Just remember some is better than none! Love reading your blog and getting to know you and your family!

Dawn said...

that should have been PRETTY good, lol.