Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December Daily...Day 22!

Merry Christmas!!
We just had an early Christmas with my family as we won't all be able to catch up again for a while. Mum brought round chinese and the kids opened heaps of presents!
And I got a 1TB EHD! Woohoo!! Thanks Mum and Dave!!

Also the kids and I made reindeer cookies today and attempted melted snowman cookies...but unfortunately I messed up the recipe and had no time (or eggs) to try again. And Santa sent each of the kids a video by email today! They all loved them but especially the boys. Steven was so happy he didn't know what to do with himself and kept playing with his cars rather than watching it! Kalan absolutely loved it! And after he'd been off playing for a while afterwards he came back and 'asked' to watch it again!

Yesterday the kids wrote their letters to Santa but we are yet to send them. Tomorrow we will hopefully get Santa photos so maybe the kids can just give him their letters. I already have replies printed off ready to 'send' to them!

Oh and last night Ruth came around to watch the kids while Mathew stayed back at work so i could finish the Christmas shopping. So now I'm all done and need to get wrapping!

OMG Christmas is coming up fast now!!

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