Saturday, December 5, 2009

December Daily...Day 5!

Whoops...I never did get back here last night. I was too busy scrapping!
So to catch up:
the kids finished their angels and we put up the advent calendars (finally) and stuck the cotton balls on and Kalan has pulled them all off a few times already so I need to put them up higher and Steven was so proud of himself for singing Jingle Bells while in the toilet! I think that's the extent of our Christmassy stuff yesterday...and on to day 5...

I feel like Scrooge today. May be due to the lack of sleep due to the late night due to the scrapping obsession I have!
So although I was planning to put the tree up today, it's not going to happen now. For one thing it's too hot and I'm too tired and DH has gone to golf and then we are going to the pools and then we are going to Andy's 30th birthday party. So the tree can wait. Also putting up the tree means I have to vacuum first...and I don't like to vacuum.
I did sort out one of the cupboards under the TV this morning though and found my Spirit of Christmas CD that has been lost forever! Love this CD so it's going in the car today! :)
I guess I better find a Christmas activity for the kids to do seeing how we aren't doing the tree now.

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