Saturday, December 12, 2009

December Daily...Day 12!

oops I've been bad! I missed yesterdays post...though I was I haven't taken a single photo in about 3 we haven't done much Christmassy stuff.

In my defense I really haven't been feeling the best. But it's still not good enough.
I will try harder.

So today we put the advent calendars back on the wall and stuck the cotton balls back on that Kalan pulled off. I think that was it. Kalan was super cute this morning though, copying me sticking my tongue out! And I taught him his toes this morning, but so many times he still kept pointing to his nose! It took quite a while for him to work out that I was saying something different! I also did his fingers just after and he picked that one up easily. He still refuses to talk though but I'm not going to start worrying yet. I know he can say some words...he just doesn't want to!

Oh and he threw my mobile phone in the bath today! Luckily once I'd pulled it apart and dried it, it still worked! Was not happy. Especially as the doors and gates were meant to be closed so he couldn't get in the bathroom. Why can't kids keep doors/gates closed??

Oh and yesterday Alysha and Taylah wrote Christmas cards to their school friends. The first year I haven't had to help!! Woohoo!
Mathew is at Rottnest Island at the moment for his work Christmas 'weekend' ...lucky him. So please pray for my kids...they are driving me insane!

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