Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A New Year

This time last year I had been looking back through my gallery from 2009 and there were so many pages that meant absolutely nothing to me. They were just quick CT pages that I'd stuck a photo on but there was no memory attached. And so my scrapping resolution for 2010 was to make all of my pages meaningful.

Looking back now I am so happy with my attempt! I didn't completely succeed...there are pages in there that needed to be made quickly or with kits that I didn't really connect with, but overall I think I did really well!

This year, things are changing. I no longer feel the need to be on CTs and so I have quit all of them but ViVa Artistry and Holliewood Studios. I am also freelancing for Donna Duncombe still and I owe Clementine a few pages! I am hoping that this will free me up to be able to create more pages just for me. It will be nice to go back to starting with a photo or story, rather than finding something to fit the kit.
I honestly don't know how I'll go. Can I scrap without CT kits anymore? Or I will I stare at a blank page until I switch to mindless games?! I don't know but I am hoping that my mind will start working again, and it will become filled with journalling and ideas. I hope this also bumps me out of my photo rut so I have a heap of new pics to inspire me.
So here's to a new year of scrapping. Let's see how I go!

And to anyone who made it through this post, I recommend going through your own gallery from 2010. See what you could do this year to improve it. Whether it be to journal more, ct less, make it more meaningful, work on a technique, change up your style etc etc. I'm sure you will gain something from it, even if it's just the smiles from the memories as you look through.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Wow! I made the GSO Blog on the 17th and 20th!
Thank you to Crystal and Tangie!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Caits' Template Freebie!

My buddy Caits has made a template for Scrap Orchard this month!
It's awesome and original and although I had no SO goodies to use, I just had to play with it anyway! lol

Grab it HERE!