Sunday, January 31, 2010

Yesterday I had the best day!!

I woke up to find some fabulous emails in my inbox!
An acceptance from Lauren Grier to join her CT!!
And an acceptance from Fruitloop Sally to join her CT!!

OMG I love these two designers and I am so excited to be joining their teams!!

And then I scrapped last night too!
Firstly for the Log Your Memory Week6 challenge and then to finish off the Lo Tag at The Lily-Pad! That was so much fun and I can't wait to play the next one!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

ViVa Freebies!!

As part of ViVa Artistry's One Year Anniversary Celebrations, today's blog post is about the ViVa CT members! And a few of us have made freebies for the event! My freebies and all of the rest are available on the ViVa Artistry blog!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Veni, Vidi, Blogger

I came, I saw, I blogged it! okay that one sucks!

Anyhoo...I just made my first ever ATC for the Veni, Vidi challenge at the Altered Hearts forum at Scrap Artist! Basically make an ATC using the prompt "Veni, Vidi..."

So after making my rainbow glitter and getting a fabulous comment from Patty Anne -
"Veni, Vidi, Varieglittered.
I came, I saw, I varieglittered.
Very cool!"

and then being gently pushed by her to make my ATC on could I say no?!
Thank you PA for your comments and nudge and I hope your Mum is doing well. Hugs.

Altered!! Love it!! +Freebie!!

I am discovering the joys of altered art! And I love it!
ViVa Artistry has just released their new, gorgeous kit 'Altered: Girl Talk' plus last week they released 'Illuminated Journal' and together (with a few other ViVa supplies) I created this page! I love it and a huge thank you to Erin (chickypow) for choosing it for the GSO Blog today!! Woohoo!! I am so happy right now! lol

PLUS ViVa has a gorgeous little freebie sampler for Altered: Girl Talk! Grab it on their blog!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bohemian Art!

I have joined the CT for Bohemian Art which I'm really excited about as I love their quirky, fun stuff!! It also means I will be around Scrap Artist more and I am falling in love with this store! The Altered Hearts forum and gallery is such fun too and I am really looking forward to playing there!

Anyway here is a page I made with the latest kit from Bohemian Art 'Sweetheart' and their new cool 'Photo Masks Vol3'! TFL!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rainbow Glitter Freebie!!

Jami at DST was looking for a rainbow glitter style so I whipped one up and thought I would share it!
Feel free to grab it if you like..Personal Use only please.

(and I love reading your comments if you like it!)

Heart shapes not included but they are from my Love This... freebie kit if you want them. Freebies link to the right.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Yay! Funkee Koalas!!

Woohoo!! Donna Duncombe (mouse) and I have teamed up for the Amazing Digi Scrap Race at NDISB!!

You can check us out on our blog the Funkee Koalas!!
Though there's not much there yet! lol

Wish us luck!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Yay! Thanks Vesi Designs!

I was rakked by Vesi Designs with this gorgeous new kit!!
And thank you Vesi for the DST GSO!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

New stuff!

I've been a busy little scrapper lately so thought I would show off a few of my LOs!
Here is my favourite new LO...and thank you to for the DST GSO! This one is for the Log Your Memory Week 4 challenge. I love these challenges...they are so inspiring and are producing my best pages! And they are things I would never think to scrap on my own!

Then this one is about Kalan and our NEW BUNNIES! woohoo we got 2 gorgeous bunnies!! So cute but they are still a little scared. Snowy is okay with me and will let me pet her and pick her up (though she isn't keen) but Pepper is scared stiff of me. Probably because I have to catch her to put her in the hutch or give her to the kids! Hopefully she gets better. This is for the template challenge at The Lily-Pad.

And this one was for the Formula challenge at The Lily-Pad. Our grumpy Alysha who was not impressed with anything Santa gave her this year!

And one more... Steven on Christmas morning!

And it's now Friday evening and soon the kids will be in bed and if I can get rid of this headache I will be scrapping again!! yippee

Thursday, January 21, 2010

EM Designs giveaway and freebie!!

Edeline has a new kit coming out and is giving away 2 copies of the kit on her blog!
All you have to do is comment!

Check it out here!

And if you keep scrolling down her blog you will see my Quick Page for the gorgeous Melody In Love kit!
It's free!! So grab it up!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


...and again I am a terrible blogger.

okay...scrappy stuff first!

First of all stay tuned as I will have some QPs and template freebies coming soon!

Next... I am now on the CT for Edeline Designs (EMD)!! Woohoo!!

E has this gorgeous new kit out called Melody In Love! Gorgeous!!

And here is my page. Thank you Madgentis for the DST GSO!

next...I am now on the CT for Damayanti Studio!! Woohoo!!
Damayanti has this beautiful new kit out called 'Generations'.
And it was just perfect to scrap this gorgeous photo of my inspirational Nan!

Next Jazzmin Designs has a beautiful new kit out called 'Love is Here'!!

Next...I finally got to scrap with the gorgeous collab by Bisontine and jazzmin Designs 'Everyday Blessings'!

This kit is so gorgeous and I made a beautiful page for the Log Your Memory Week 3 challenge!

whew!! Okay that's it for the moment! lol

Saturday, January 9, 2010

GSO Blog!! this was a huge surprise!
I even considered not posting this LO because I wasn't so keen on it!
Yet I did and then this morning I wake up to find that it was picked for the GSO Blog! lol
So thank you Holly!

Friday, January 8, 2010

I WILL Blog Today.

Every day I come here and think "I really need to update my blog today"... and then I close blogger!
So today I am going to stop procrastinating and just do it! Shame I don't feel that way about cleaning my house yet! lol

Okey what has been going on...

well we went camping at Australind with Mathew's family and had a great time! I wasn't expecting to, but after the heat disappeared and I got used to the dirt it was actually really good! We did heaps of stuff as a family which was really nice.

I am still sick. I have been sick now for about 4 weeks I think and I am so over it. First the cough, then colds and now my face is just so sore...I think it's just too much snot in my sinuses! lol So gross!

The kids are still on holidays until the end of January. In a week or so I need to start thinking about getting new school supplies and uniforms and stuff packed. Aaarrrgghhh.

And I've been scrapping of course. I've joined a few more CT teams...secrets so that's keeping me busy. I don't know why I'm joining more teams though as I have so much bought stuff that I haven't had time to use yet! lol
But joining teams allows me to meet new friends and get to know other scrappers better and I think that's what I like most about it!

Oh and of course 2010 is here so my Logbook is now in use!! I am trying to journal a little each day to jog my memory later. I am also attempting to take photos every day this year. I am not officially doing a P365 but I am participating in the support group at Log Your Memory to motivate me to take more photos this year. There were months last year where I didn't take any photos so that will NOT happen again this year.

I've also started going for short walks with the kids each morning before it gets too hot. So far I've only managed 2 out of 3 days as I felt too sick yesterday...but it's a start.

I will leave off with some of my Los for this year. Have a good one! :)

'I'm Gonna Fail' for the Log Your Memory Weekly logbook Challenge Week 2
Thank you Jimena for the DST GSO!

'Are We There Yet?' using ViVa Artistry's new Q&A packs!

'Celebrate 2010' and 'Happy new Year 2010' using the new A5D collab 'Light Up The Night'!

'Lovely Jasmine' using Jazzmin Designs new kit 'Piece of Me'!