Friday, January 8, 2010

I WILL Blog Today.

Every day I come here and think "I really need to update my blog today"... and then I close blogger!
So today I am going to stop procrastinating and just do it! Shame I don't feel that way about cleaning my house yet! lol

Okey what has been going on...

well we went camping at Australind with Mathew's family and had a great time! I wasn't expecting to, but after the heat disappeared and I got used to the dirt it was actually really good! We did heaps of stuff as a family which was really nice.

I am still sick. I have been sick now for about 4 weeks I think and I am so over it. First the cough, then colds and now my face is just so sore...I think it's just too much snot in my sinuses! lol So gross!

The kids are still on holidays until the end of January. In a week or so I need to start thinking about getting new school supplies and uniforms and stuff packed. Aaarrrgghhh.

And I've been scrapping of course. I've joined a few more CT teams...secrets so that's keeping me busy. I don't know why I'm joining more teams though as I have so much bought stuff that I haven't had time to use yet! lol
But joining teams allows me to meet new friends and get to know other scrappers better and I think that's what I like most about it!

Oh and of course 2010 is here so my Logbook is now in use!! I am trying to journal a little each day to jog my memory later. I am also attempting to take photos every day this year. I am not officially doing a P365 but I am participating in the support group at Log Your Memory to motivate me to take more photos this year. There were months last year where I didn't take any photos so that will NOT happen again this year.

I've also started going for short walks with the kids each morning before it gets too hot. So far I've only managed 2 out of 3 days as I felt too sick yesterday...but it's a start.

I will leave off with some of my Los for this year. Have a good one! :)

'I'm Gonna Fail' for the Log Your Memory Weekly logbook Challenge Week 2
Thank you Jimena for the DST GSO!

'Are We There Yet?' using ViVa Artistry's new Q&A packs!

'Celebrate 2010' and 'Happy new Year 2010' using the new A5D collab 'Light Up The Night'!

'Lovely Jasmine' using Jazzmin Designs new kit 'Piece of Me'!

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