Sunday, August 17, 2008

Miss KC 2008

Yay it is official- I am Miss KC 2008!!!!!!

I have been competing in the Miss KC Pageant at Kindred Creations over the last couple of months. It was an anonymous competition and I was Miss Tiffai.

After competing against Miss Steaken in the final (Miss Turmoose never showed) I was 'crowned' the winner on Friday.

There were 5 rounds of competition which all required 1 LO to be submitted and then in the finals there were 3 challenges to be completed within the week. For Challenge #1 - The Evening Gown Competition - I made this LO of Mathew and I.

Challenge #2 involved asking members questions in the forum, and Challenge#3 was to create an off the page project. I made this pop-up box inspired by the Nick Jr ads. I designed everything myself on the computer and then printed and cut it out. The princesses are Alysha and Taylah, and the dragon is Steven.

Thanks Janet - I loved being a part of this competition!

Here are my LOs from the earlier stages.

Stage 1 - Getting to Know You

Stage 2 - The Talent Competition

Stage 3 - Your Platform
Stage 4 - The Swimsuit Competition

Stage 5 - Your Choice