Wednesday, June 23, 2010 it real scrapbooking?

Disclaimer: This is my opinion only...for anybody out there that may think that digital scrapbooking is not 'real' scrapbooking.

Okay so apparently there are people out there who do not consider digi to be real scrapbooking. And I feel that I really must sort this out in my own head once and for all...for if digi is not real, then what on Earth have I been doing with my time over the last 2 years?

Okay so the arguments for digi not being can't touch it. Well if I print it, then I can touch it. But I don't touch my old paper LOs either for fear of them being torn and tattered. doesn't look real. If it's done well it can look very real. And if it's not done so well then it is because the scrapper is still learning and so that still counts. don't do anything...just add a photo. Well you can just add a photo to a quick page and be done, but in general digi Los take a lot of time and effort. I spend more time on digi pages than I used to on paper pages sometimes.'s too easy, you don't need to think about it. Not true. Just as you can make a simple paper page or use a really fancy technique or two, the same applies to digi. There are basic techniques, but there are also many much harder, time consuming techniques and there is always something new to learn.'s sitting on a computer so it's not real. Okay so how about your thousands of digital photos? Go in to your photo folder and delete them. They are not real so it shouldn't make any difference. Or maybe they are real...just as real as your old film photos...they are just in a DIFFERENT FORMAT.
And isn't that the only real difference between digital and paper scrapbooking A different format? I am still getting photos, memories and art on a page, it's just in a different format to your page. Same thing, just different. Still real.
And if I ever get organised enough to print some, I will come and show you.
Right now I can't...not because it's not real...just because I'm lazy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Woohoo!! BYOC!!

It's that time again!! BYOC at The LilyPad is awesome!!!

Here are my pages and you can check out the entire BYOC HERE!