Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kalan's Birthday!!

Kalan had a fabulous birthday this year and was so excited to finally have friends coming to his party! lol 
The joys of being at school finally!

His birthday was last Saturday and Grandma, Nanna and Poppie came around to have cake with us.
His party was this Saturday just gone and we had 5 of his school friends, 2 cousins and a heap of adults around.
Unfortunately my park plans were destroyed by the constant rain over the past week, but it was a still a good day.

Some pics...
The invitation

Pancake breakfast

 The first cake..on his bday. Icing sugar with a stencil I cut out.

 At his party....
 Friends help friends unwrap their presents!

Party popcorn...white chocolate drizzled over popcorn and covered in sprinkles

Marshmallow jelly. The marshmallow is meant to create a fluffy layer (I've successfully made it before) but this time it dissolved into the jelly...and it was even tastier this way! lol

 Cupcakes with autobot and decepticon symbols. I made the symbols from fondant in a playdough press! Then rubbed food dye over the raised areas.

The cake. The plan was buttercream with the fondant autobot symbol. But it was so humid that the buttercream wouldn't stick to the cake! So I had to use fondant to cover up the mess of buttercream. Unfortunately the fondant was sweating so much that it was really shiny...or deliberate metallic sheen maybe?? The vehicles are cake ball mix covered with fondant...made with a paydough mold!

friends help friends blow out their candles! lol

TFL :)

Guesting for Amy Martin :)

Lucky me I get to guest with Amy Martin for May! 
I used to love working with her stuff as a polly and so it's nice to play again!

This page uses Amy's new Worded Big and Lettered Big cards.
And the template is the May Freebie for the template challenge!

This is Kalan...photo taken on the night of his birthday party. He is such a joker and so cheeky...and cute enough to get away with it! lol
TFL :)