Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yay!!! It's TLP BLog Hop Time!!!

Woohoo!! iNSD is starting early at The LilyPad!!
We have soooooo much fun, games and sales in store for everyone so you really have to visit!
And with all the chats and games there are HEAPS and HEAPS of vouchers being given out so don't miss it!

Also you need to check out The LilyPad FB page as there will be more fun going on over there too!

Okay first off we are starting our blog hop!!
If you have stumbled upon my blog you want to head on over to Amy's Blog to get started!
If you have been hopping along like you're meant to, then you should have come by here from Claire's blog...and snagged her gorgeous page!!

So now here is mine! I LOVE this BYOC!! Absolutely gorgeous colours and products and I hope you love my page! Click the preview to download!

So now you need to head off to Emily's blog! She has the most gorgeous page waiting for you!
Have a fabulous iNSD!!

Happy Birthday Kalan!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my dearest Kalan for yesterday!!
We had a great day...went to McDonalds for lunch and the kids played on the playground for soooooo long. Oh including the girls as they had a day off school.
Then Grandma and Nanna came around in the evening for cake...which just happens to be my fist cake wreck! Mind you I wasn't trying to make it fabulous or anything, but I did try to spell out his name on top with mini marshmallows. Not good.Kalan LOVED all his presents! He got this cool new little bike thing to ride, a pooh bear to cuddle, a car garage, a talking roary, lightning mcqueen socks and a hotwheels car. Nanna gave him a new Lightning McQueen doona cover (plus mattress protector) for his new big boy bed, and Grandma provided the doona! Also from Grandma came a little remote control bart Simpson car. OMG he loves it!! It only goes back and forth so it is really easy to control and it is so funny watching him play with it. He makes it zoom forward then runs after it giggling his head off!!
Anyway his real party is on Saturday so I'm sure he will be very spoiled then too. And just quickly, Kalan threw his dummies in the bin and moved into his big bed this week! Woohoo!

my cake wreck...sigh

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kasia Designs Grand Opening!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Wanna sign up for my newsletter??????

No?? Yeah just as I thought.

I can just imagine...Hi all!! Me again! Well this week I scrapped. And then I scrapped again. Then I slept as my scrapping was suffering. Scrapped a bit more and now onto another week! Woohoo!! I am not making a newsletter. In fact I am fairly sure that nobody will even read this post let alone sign up for my newsletter so I'm not going to bother at this pont in time!

So what was the point of this post?? Don't know. I've just realised that so many blogs I read have newsletters and it seems that I suck at signing up for them. And then I miss out on news and freebies and feel like a fool.

Moral of the post...sign up for your fav blogs newsletters. Not this one of course as I don't have one yet.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

bad blogger

yep that's me. I have all these grand intentions of blogging more often and including family stuff but then I open it up, have a quick look and so can't be bothered. So why am I writing now? Finally?? Don't know. Just thought I would! I'm a bit bored!Anyway....I have a middle ear infection which is annoying me. It's not particularly painful as long as I remember to take my ibuprofen but it's really uncomfortable. I have almost completely lost my hearing in that ear and it feels like my ear is filled with water. enough whinging.Alysha and Taylah are going to Ray's house for a sleepover shortly and Mathew should be home from golf soon. Not sure if we will do something with the boys yet. Still need to do some food shopping today too. Then tomorrow morning we are going to botannical mini golf for Mathew's golf club family day. It's so beautiful there and I will hopefully get some good pics of the kids.
Now scrapping. Hmmmm....I have been a scrapping a lot. Too much I guess and I should probably get a life. But I enjoy it so for now it's still working! I'll post some of my latest pages and hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! TTFN :)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yay!! GSO Blog!!

I'm so excited! One of my BYOC LOs was featured on the GSO blog! Woohoo!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The LilyPad Blog Hop!!

We have such a fabulous weekend planned at The LilyPad!! Firstly there is the new BYOC!!
And it is yummy!!
And also The LilyPad is having their quaterly sale! Some products are retiring for good at 50% off so you don't want to miss them!AND the Pollywogs and some of the designers have made QPs, templates and a freebie for our blog hop! Make sure you grab them all!
Also check out The LilyPad forum this weekend as we will be having some chats with prizes up for grabs!

So here is my page and quick page. The QP comes with and without the word art .
Click the QP preview to download.

And the next stop on your journey is Sarah's blog where I'm sure you will find something extraordinary waiting!
If you've stumbled across my blog by accident you can find the beginning of the blog hop on Amy's blog!

Have a fabulous Easter!!

New Stuff!!

ViVa Artistry has a fabulous new kit out today called Altered:Stoked!!
This kit is so perfect for boys ...from the littlies to the big ones!There are also new glitters and an alpha!
Grab them quick at 20% off!

Now sadly my guest stint with K Studio is over...but I managed to sneak one last kit in!
This is her new, gorgeous kit 'Pieces', also 20% off!

And make sure you come back tomorrow as there is exciting news coming!!