Saturday, April 17, 2010

bad blogger

yep that's me. I have all these grand intentions of blogging more often and including family stuff but then I open it up, have a quick look and so can't be bothered. So why am I writing now? Finally?? Don't know. Just thought I would! I'm a bit bored!Anyway....I have a middle ear infection which is annoying me. It's not particularly painful as long as I remember to take my ibuprofen but it's really uncomfortable. I have almost completely lost my hearing in that ear and it feels like my ear is filled with water. enough whinging.Alysha and Taylah are going to Ray's house for a sleepover shortly and Mathew should be home from golf soon. Not sure if we will do something with the boys yet. Still need to do some food shopping today too. Then tomorrow morning we are going to botannical mini golf for Mathew's golf club family day. It's so beautiful there and I will hopefully get some good pics of the kids.
Now scrapping. Hmmmm....I have been a scrapping a lot. Too much I guess and I should probably get a life. But I enjoy it so for now it's still working! I'll post some of my latest pages and hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! TTFN :)


Mumure said...

Love all your pages but you already know this ;o)
I hope your ear will be safe soon.
Hava a nice sunday.

Mumure said...

An award is waiting for you on my blog.

supermandy said...
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supermandy said...

I love your LOs!!!!! Don't get another hobby! Your LOs are all unique and awesome and you'll be glad you have your family memories in black & white (well, sort of) in a few years. Kids aren't always going to be little and do and say cute things... ;)