Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Kalan!!

Happy 2nd Birthday to my dearest Kalan for yesterday!!
We had a great day...went to McDonalds for lunch and the kids played on the playground for soooooo long. Oh including the girls as they had a day off school.
Then Grandma and Nanna came around in the evening for cake...which just happens to be my fist cake wreck! Mind you I wasn't trying to make it fabulous or anything, but I did try to spell out his name on top with mini marshmallows. Not good.Kalan LOVED all his presents! He got this cool new little bike thing to ride, a pooh bear to cuddle, a car garage, a talking roary, lightning mcqueen socks and a hotwheels car. Nanna gave him a new Lightning McQueen doona cover (plus mattress protector) for his new big boy bed, and Grandma provided the doona! Also from Grandma came a little remote control bart Simpson car. OMG he loves it!! It only goes back and forth so it is really easy to control and it is so funny watching him play with it. He makes it zoom forward then runs after it giggling his head off!!
Anyway his real party is on Saturday so I'm sure he will be very spoiled then too. And just quickly, Kalan threw his dummies in the bin and moved into his big bed this week! Woohoo!

my cake wreck...sigh

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supermandy said...

What a sweet little baby (oops, I mean, BIG boy!) face! Sympathy for your cake! I, too, have succumbed to the desire to use mini marshmallows on a cake! I'm told it almost never turns out well... ;) Kudos for the effort! What an awesome mom you are!