Friday, January 22, 2010

New stuff!

I've been a busy little scrapper lately so thought I would show off a few of my LOs!
Here is my favourite new LO...and thank you to for the DST GSO! This one is for the Log Your Memory Week 4 challenge. I love these challenges...they are so inspiring and are producing my best pages! And they are things I would never think to scrap on my own!

Then this one is about Kalan and our NEW BUNNIES! woohoo we got 2 gorgeous bunnies!! So cute but they are still a little scared. Snowy is okay with me and will let me pet her and pick her up (though she isn't keen) but Pepper is scared stiff of me. Probably because I have to catch her to put her in the hutch or give her to the kids! Hopefully she gets better. This is for the template challenge at The Lily-Pad.

And this one was for the Formula challenge at The Lily-Pad. Our grumpy Alysha who was not impressed with anything Santa gave her this year!

And one more... Steven on Christmas morning!

And it's now Friday evening and soon the kids will be in bed and if I can get rid of this headache I will be scrapping again!! yippee

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