Thursday, December 3, 2009

December Daily...Day 3!

Hello! :) Day 3 of December and I am already getting slack!
I just couldn't be bothered today after a few bad nights with DS and staying up to scrap late last night.
So all I can say about today is that we sang Christmas songs in the car on the way home from school! I started teaching Steven Jingle Bells...he's so cute!!
I actually asked him if I could sing Christmas Carols and he said NO...because he doesn't like them (apparently). So I tried a couple and he didn't like them , but then got to Jingle Bells and he loved it! So the 3 older kids and I were all singing Jingle Bells together for a while and then I put on a Christmas CD.
And that's it.
I did take a couple of photos of the kids this evening just so that I wouldn't miss a day but they are nothing special!

Tomorrow I will do better...I promise!
Oh and I just realised we didn't even do the countdown calendars yet! oops!
The cotton balls are still sealed up! lol

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