Sunday, December 6, 2009

December Daily...Day 6!

oops I'm getting behind! But I couldn't get back on here last night as we were at a party so I forgive myself. Still have photos to upload for 4 days though! lol

so went to the pools and Kalan impressed me! At 19 months he can't talk at all, but he managed to 'tell' me that he needed to do wees and we went out, put his nappy on and when he finished we put his bathers back on and got back in the pool. I think it's time to start toilet training!
Then we went to Andy's 30th last night and the girls stayed with Grandma and are not back yet. The boys both woke at 6 and I somehow managed to get them back to sleep and then Steven woke at 9 and Kalan at 10! OMG! A sleep in till 9...that hasn't happened for years!
Shame Mathew had to go to golf at 5am! lol
So now we are vegging. Steven has just started watching Cars and Kalan is playing and I am doing absolutely nothing. :)

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