Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Daily...Day 20!

ah bugger. Okay December Daily minus a week while sick.
I'm still sick and really can't be bothered writing this but I can't give up completely!
So to recap the last week, I've been sick, Alysha has been sick, Taylah, Steven and Mathew have had a bit of this cold too and now Kalan has the cough at night so he keeps waking all night long.
Alysha and Taylah had their class Christmas parties on Tuesday and their last day of school for the year on Thursday.
They made beautiful quilled presents for their teachers, and I made Christmas tree cake balls.
We went swimming yesterday and then off to Carols by Candlelight with a picnic only to discover that I got the day wrong! oops!
We still have so much Christmas stuff to get ready an we only started thinking about our camping trip on the 27th last night. So much to do.
Oh and I can't find my card reader for the camera so I can't upload any of the pics that I should have taken during the week! I hope I find it soon :(

Let's hope I get back here tomorrow!

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Arien said...

Dear Erin, hope that you will get well and recover soon!Merry christmas to you !