Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

Happy Birthday to me!!
Happy birthday dear meeeeee!!
Happy Birthday to me!!

Okay enough silliness.
I had a great day today and a great day yesterday! Mathew and I stayed at the Vines resort overnight (he won it in a golf comp last year) and went out to dinner at a German restaurant and then I passed out at 6pm! lol Then this morning we had blueberries for breakfast, a coffee and muffin at a cafe, played supergolf and then lunch at Oscars restaurant.
Then home and had a lazy afternoon. Steven helped me make myself a cake while Mathew went to the driving range. Unfortunately the car burst a hose while he was out so he came home and fixed that rather than making dinner! Mum and Dave came around with my pressie ...a vacuum cleaner as mine died...and brought a huge watermelon with them so we had watermelon, then I cooked the kids some dinner and then chocolate rasberry cake! Then kids to bed, a chicken pie for dinner and more cake! lol And now to scrap! Happy Birthday me!!

Also today... ADSR5 starts!! I have to scrap a page about my partner mouse/Donna! She has already sent me a photo and blurb and now off to her gallery to scraplift one of her pages! I might do this tonight so I can't forget about it! lol


Arien said...

So, I'm the first one to wish you a happy Birthaday! :) I hope you will enjoy each of the day like you did today!

sunnie2004 said...

So Happy Happy Birthday to ou Eryn I am happy you had a wonderful day!! Happy Birthday to You!!

Tinci said...

Happy Birthday, dear Eryn!

melrio said...

Happy Birthday girl!!!!