Wednesday, April 25, 2012

End of the holidays

So school goes back tomorrow after 3 weeks off, and surprisingly, I am still sane!
Usually after the usual 2 week break I am so ready for them to go back, but this time all is good.
Of course they have definitely had their moments! It's certainly not all sunshine and roses here!

So what did we do these holidays...riding bikes and blades down the park, learning to BMX, movies with Nanna, Kings Park with Aunty Tania and Uncle Ray, Hillarys with Grandma, Hannah's birthday party, walking along the beach, playground, pools,  Easter activities and board game night and probably some other stuff.

They also watched a heap of movies and played Wii. lol
And Mathew won a golf competition. :)

All four are now asleep ready for an early morning and back to the usual chaotic school runs.
Oh and then Kalan's birthday on Saturday! yay
Have a nice day :)

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