Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lucky me!!

I have been so lucky over the last few months!! And I can't believe I haven't posted any of it here!
So rather than separate threads as these kits deserve, I am going to have to bunch them all together or I will never get it done!

So firstly I will mention my favourite win...I entered a comp on Doodelle's blog to make up a rhyme starting with "I want to buy" ...and I won!! Here is my rhyme!

I want to buy PS CS3,
it really is a dream for me.
But DH's wallet is far too tight,
and it does not budge despite my might.

Of course I'd rather PS CS4,
but his jaw would plummet through the floor,
for DH just can't understand,
the thrill I get in digi-land.

So I pray and dream throughout the night,
that Adobe hears of my sad plight,
And offers me a dream come true...
A RAK of (at least) CS2.

and I won this gorgeous new kit from Doodelle and a pack of CU houses!!

Now for all the kits ...

Thank you to Scrapidea Timkova for 'Feelingful' which i received for entering a blog challenge!

thank you to Joyce Paul for her beautiful kit 'Paint a Dream' which I won at DST!

Thank you to Christine Borgfield for RAKing me her beautiful brushes set for no reaon at all!! Here are 2 of the 8 I received!

And then thank you to Thaliris for her beautiful kit 'Life in Blue' which I won at DST!

And there was also this fantastic 3D Alpha by Kerstin Chen...again at DST!

And then I also won 'Bella's Dream' by Digi Overdose DST again!

Now after this I felt really bad that I had won so much stuff so I stopped posting in the Happy Place at DST. I figured I had won enough for a while! But after about a month there were some gorgeous kits being offered so I tried again!

And I won Mystique Designs'1001 Nights'! Thank you Brydka!

And then to my surprise I won Paula Kesselring's new kit 'Let's Make Up'!! Thank you Paula!

Wow! I promise I will not post in the Happy Place for a little while!! Need to give everybody else a chance! lol And yet I don't even enter many...only the ones I really, really love!

Thank you to all of the designers that RAKed me...I haven't had a chance to use all of the kits yet, but I am getting there! Love them all...thank you!

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