Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We have had a great day so far! We woke up to Steven's excited yells that he had found an egg under his bed! He soon got Alysha and Taylah up and they started hunting the house for more! Unfortunately the Easter Bunny was being lazy and hadn't got out of bed yet! lol So I kept them occupied taking photos of their eggs while Mathew slipped outside and hid eggs and bunnies in the backyard. Then we casually asked if they had looked outside yet, and of they hadn't! They had a great time finding their eggs and of course eating them!
We had pancakes for breakfast and then went to the park to feed the ducks and go on the playground. Now Mathew is playing and golf and the rest of us are having a lazy day :)

oh...and Kalan has worked out that if he scrounges around the lounge and floor after his siblings have eaten...he gets to have chocolate too! lol

OH!!! And Steven learned to ride his bike today!! WOOHOO!! He always refuses to let me show him, but today he wanted to do it and listened and now he's zooming around the house SUPER FAST!! And the funny thing is, Alysha and Taylah first learned to ride a bike on Easter Day 3 years ago...I couldn't believe it when I remembered!

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prettypeaches said...

Awwe.. it sounds like you are having a great Easter! YAY for Steven!