Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Taylah and Alysha!!

My baby girls turned 7 yesterday!!
OMG where has that time gone?

Anyway we have had a busy few days here getting ready for their party and I was so glad when it was all finished yesterday. But it was just one of those days that never seemed to end because it was still getting worse today!

But first off here is a pic of Alysha and Taylah on Friday morning. They had free dress at school and I thought it was just normal dress...but Taylah said it was for Halloween and so they wanted to dress scary! So they came up with these'ghost' costumes and were SO excited!! Unfortunately it was free dress for CANTEEN (Cancer Charity) and so they were the only kids dressed up for Halloween!! lol Taylah very quickly removed her costume, but Alysha was having too much fun scaring her friends! I saw them as they were doing fitness a little later and Alysha was still trying to hold the black organza on her head as she was exercising! hee hee

So then that night I stayed up late making birthday cakes and butterfly wings.
The next morning was their birthday!! It started out bad as Kalan woke at 4am and despite me getting him back to sleep numerous times, he just kept waking really upset. And so I never got back to sleep and we finally got up about 5.30.
Then a little later Taylah decided her head was itchy so I sprayed a lice treatment on her beautiful, shiny hair and hoped for the best! Then when Steven and Mathew finally woke we did the presents. They were very excited about their new hula hoops, scooters, walkie talkies and necklaces...but Taylah got very upset when Steven helped her unwrap her scooter! He had been so good, but got a little excited and just couldn't help himself. So now Taylah was upset. Then Steven was upset because he wanted a scooter. By now Kalan was beside himself with exhaustion so he was very upset. And it didn't take ling for Miss Grumpy Pants to get all depressed too!
So Kalan went back to bed, Mathew took Steven to the shops and Alysha and Taylah played on their scooters while I kept getting ready. Then Mum showed up with the girls dresses and she iced the second cake for me. Unfortunately my icing ran everywhere and made a huge mess!
Got to the park on time and both barbecue gazebos were already taken. So we had to take a smaller one. Then we waited for kids to arrive...and waited. 4 showed up out of the 6 or 7 I was expecting and they were all late. But we got going and tried to play the games...but although we had picked a beautiful sunny day, it was blowing a gale and some of the games were a little difficult! Also the toilet paper I bought for the cocoon wrap was too cheap and kept breaking and blowing away, oh and none of the kids would wear the wings I made :( Taylah tried some on and said they were itchy and then nobody else would try them. I forgot matches but managed to borrow a lighter , but of course it was too windy to light the candles! We managed to get a few lit and made do!
Soon after the kids party ended, Taylah found a butterfly and chased it with her net. She was so excited to catch her first ever butterfly that she swung the net so hard she knocked out the butterfly! Poor thing eventually started moving again but didn't fly. :(
Then Kalan had been playing on the playground and came running towards us crying....eventually worked out that his foot was hurting him and we believe he got a bee sting on the bottom of his foot. Even now a day later he is still favouring it and crawling around rather than walking.
So the rest of the party was a bit of a blur for me. Colin and Mats friend Travis cooked the barbecue and everyone ate while Mat and I tried to work out what was wrong with Kalan. We almost took him to the hospital as he was so upset and we didn't know what was wrong. Also by this stage the wind was horrendous. It was blowing everything off the table and knocking chairs over. So we pretended to light the candles and the girls pretended to blow them out and packed up soon after.
Once we were home we had to deal with overtired, bee stung Kalan. We just couldn't get him to sleep and Mat and I took turns looking after him. I then realised that I'd forgotten suncream for myself that morning so I was really badly sunburnt, plus I hadn't drunk very much all day so I had a major headache.
Alysha and Taylah had a great day though and were utterly oblivious to most of the problems we had! But there was one more....when I had a shower today I noticed that I had a tick on my stomach! So I must have got it at the party and as I sit here now my arms and face are stinging from sunburn, my stomach is sore from tick bite and I am exhausted (despite a nap today)!!

Anyway...sorry for the super long whingy post!! lol
Happy Birthday Alysha and Taylah! I'm so glad you love your presents...especially the scooters...and that you had fun at your party! I'm so proud of you both and love you very much!

Alysha in her new dress and shoes, plus her makeup bag from Miss Griffiths

Taylah and Emily playing the cocoon wrap game

Alysha's Cake

The saddest face ever!! Kalan after the bee sting.


Lisa B said...

I'm so glad it all went well for the girls Eryn!! Too bad everything else was kinda crazy! But what else can a Mom expect?? {{{Hugs}}}

Donna said...

Sorry it was such a stressful day for you Eryn {{hugs}} but I am too glad that the girls ad a great Birthday!