Saturday, February 14, 2009

Love this... IN STORE NOW!!

I'm so excited! My kit is in the Kindred Creations Store on Valentines Day!! I was so worried that I wouldn't make it on time! lol


A swirly, girly, glitzy kit for all your Valentines, and girl pages!
50 pieces in total. Includes: 6 Textured Patterned Papers, 1 Shaped Patterned Paper, 4 Textured Cardstock, 2 Ribbon Styles (4 colours each), 1 Curly Ribbon Drop Shadow, 2 Hanging Elements (with and without drop shadows), 2 Crystal Hearts, 2 Puffy Felt Clouds, 4 Puffy Felt Hearts, 1 Puffy Felt Heart With Wings, 1 Cupid, 1 Frame, 3 Patterned Brads, 1 Journalling Block, 2 Swirl Rub Ons, 1 Love This Word Art, (2 colours), 1 Quote, 1 Sparkle Heart Cloud, 1 Heart Tree Element, 1 Wire Heart With Bead, 1 Wire Word (with and without beads)



*Desi* said...

Love this kit!! (added it to my blog!!)

Ruby Dragon said...

This kit is incredible, Erin! :) You're talented - I think your work is definatly far better than what I produce, I'm sad to see you go [from selling], but I do understand: it's time consuming! I love your LO's, I look forward to seeing more and more!!! :D