Monday, August 1, 2011

another drawing

It's been a while but I was finally motivated to draw again tonight. But I decided to play around in Art Rage instead of real paper.
I bought Art Rage just after starting Suzi Blu's class so I haven't had very much time to get to know it, so I was excited to try drawing digitally and seeing what I could do!
And so my first experiment...
Don't get me wrong I have opened Art Rage a few times and scribbled a few faces, but I had no idea what settings to use or how to blend colours or anything. Tonight I had a quick look in the help section before starting and I was much happier with what I accomplished.
But OMG my arm hurts. I had my pen set on the highest sensitivity so I was really pushing hard sometimes to get pressure on the page. I think I need to adjust that next time!

Please let me know what you think! I went for a little more realism this time and I know it's far from perfect but I like her!


Ida Karim said...
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Ida Karim said...

Eryn, pls update us in FB. Miss u babe!