Monday, October 25, 2010

Tupperware Labels!

So my nan bought some tupperware without lids (she works in a second hand store) and gave them to my mum, who ordered lids and then gave the whole lot to me! woot!
I now have tupperware!
So I thought I' d be all domestic and stuff and make little labels so DH doesn't have to ask me what's in everything! lol
I couldn't be bothered cutting out circlar tops to match the containers...square is so much easier.
And despite thinking that longer ones would be better for the taller containers, I really couldn't be bothered!
But I'm so happy with how they turned out!

In case anybody is wondering, I just printed them on photo paper, stuck them onto contact (the clear book covering stuff), and also added some double sided tape in the middle as my 'contact' is a cheap brand and is not very sticky.

credits: CD Muckosky bird, Jacque Larsen paper, Amy Wolff border...all from The LilyPad.
Font is Tesla
tfl :)


Mumure said...

Well done!Fabulous idea!

Anonymous said...

Cool idea, thanks. I think I will use it. I have loads of clear contact paper. Great excuse to digi scrap! "What honey? Oh, I am just making labels so we can be more organized. What's that? The dishes need done? Oh, that is so sweet of you to do them."