Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Fly Experiment

Okay so I started this last week and was documenting it at TLP...but I've decided it's a bit gross so anyone who is interested can follow it here instead!

I will keep all of the updates in this post so it is all together...and then just bump my blog each time I update...which should be every 2 or 3 days.

Monday 26th April 2010
9.30am: DH cooks bacon for a sandwich and leaves the mess for me.12pm: I clean up his mess and realise that he left some bacon in the pan.
Bacon has a pile of fly eggs on it.2pm: (after coming back from a walk) Collect bacon and fly eggs into a container for further observation.9pm: Take photo and decide to gross out TLP.

Tuesday 27th April

8am: Baby maggots are crawling around the container. approximately 1mm long

10.30pm: More maggots but still tiny. I'm starting to smell a smell.

Thursday 29th April

9am: I really didn't want to open the container today so here's a pic from the bottom. There are dozens of maggots above the bacon as well. They are between 1 and 2mm I guess and squirming constantly. It is really gross to watch their bodies rippling. hahaha!
Sat 1st may

9.30am: I went out to check the babies this morning and saw ants crawling all over the container and ants inside. I immediately assumed all the maggots would have been eaten, but after closer inspection I noticed that all the ants inside the container were dead. I have no idea why every single ant is dead. But the maggots are happy and getting all big and squirmy.

Thursday 6th May: So quite a few days back, I noticed that maggots were escaping from my little container. I had cut tiny slits with a knife for air but they were somehow getting through them. So the container got moved to a much bigger, air-tight container. I figured they should be fine if I opened it up every day or so.
And so for a couple of days they were fine but nothing much changed. And then I forgot about them!So I went to check them now and couldn't see any maggots! On closer inspection there were a few shrivelled up, dead ones on the lid...but not many. I finally noticed that the majority of my babies were huddled up together, hanging on for dear life under the original container. They seem to have shrunk slightly but are alive.
So I gave them some air and closed them up again. Let's hope I don't forget them again!BTW...sorry for the terrible pic. I couldn't get my hand to stay still and also this is through both layers of plastic.

Oh and of course you will be wanting to see the dead maggots. I mean duh..who wouldn't? Right? So here are 2 dead ones and one living. Enjoy.


Heidi D. said...

No ideas about the ants, but these pictures are fascinating! TFS, oh and thanks for the QP too. :)

Gina Barnaba said...

OMG! Eryn! That is the most unusual blog post not to mention discusting yet in a weird way extremely interesting as I could not pull my eyes away!!! LOL

Mish said...

You are totally gross, you know that?? ROFL!!! love ya Eryn!

Unica said...

You're sick! love ya anyway hehehe

prettypeaches said...

Oh Eryn! LOL.. the things you do! :P