Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mathew and Steven!!

Wow I'm really late! Not sure why I didn't do this earlier, but happy Birthday to Mathew my dear hubby (to be) for the 17th and happy birthday to my beautiful big 3 year old Steven for the 19th!!

We had Ruth and Rob around for cake on Friday night and then on Saturday we went out to dinner for Mathew's birthday at Sizzler ...not my favourite restaurant but it's suitable for taking 4 young children to! lol And then we went to Timezone and played some games!

Then on Saturday we took the kids to Go Bananas for Steven's Birthday and then came home for a party! We had 4 tired kids that night!

Steven has been glued to his new Thomas track since Sunday morning! He didn't even have breakfast, morning tea or lunch on his birthday as he was so busy playing! And that is sooo unlike Steven to go without food! Now Lightning McQueen has taken over Thomas' track, but Steven is still glued to it!

And I have to show off the cake I made! i got the idea for the cake balls from the Bakerella blog. I made heaps of vanilla cake balls, chocolate cake balls and also Oreo balls and then skewered and chocolated them together to make a car cake! Then there is white chocolate (dyed red) over the top with big oreo balls for wheels!

Everyone loved it and it was sooo yummy...though a LOT of work! And thankyou to Mathew for helping me to build the car as I was a little stuck when it came to actually putting it together! lol

and while building it to show the inside...


Tinci said...

I wish Happy Birthday your childrens!

Arien said...

Wow..the cake looks fantastyc, Happy Birthday to both of them!

Bakerella said...

That's pretty dang creative!

Way to go.